My waterfront cave

Hi everyone! I am Lyla and today my teacher told me about something really exciting! For all my years at OJCS (5 years) I have never done science on something that I want to learn about and teach myself. I am doing my unit on Rocks and minerals, but so is everyone else, we were meant to study on different things, at first I thought I was doing birthstones, and then I decided I was doing underwater crystals and how they grow, so I got a plastic box and Put some water in it then made it blue with food colouring then I grew my Crystal, that 

Here are my materials 


Blue tissue paper.


I am growing it with simply baking powder and food colouring and a string and hot water. First pour 2 spoons of baking powder into both cups and then pour the hot water just about to the top of the cup the 3 to 2 pinches of food colouring (blue and red to make purple amethyst) Then you add the string and  putting it into both sides of the water, and it takes a few days to grow around the string on the second day you will see the string beginning to become white and the third day there was a lot of powder Here is my next blogpost

Hello everyone! I had science today for 1 period and It was the funnest thing I have done in a while. We were Geologists and I ruined the world!!!!!! ( and then ate it) What we did was take chocolate chips out of cookies and pretend they were minerels. There was hard cookies and soft cookies, there was normal chocolate chip and caramilk. I thought it was really fun because I love cookies and I like rocks and our Teacher Mrs M made us do it in a fun way! A geoligist is sort of a human that studys the earths rocks and where they came from. Lets say there  is a volcano and all the lava came down the big volcano, but lava cools quickley and after the lava cools it becomes a rock. The rock is small holes in it and it is very light if the lava dries slightly slower then it will become a pretty glassy rock. Volcanic rocks are called metamorphic rocks and some are called sediments and sedimentary rocks. There are birth stone rocks and mine is called a pink termiline and the other one is called Opal. Here is what a Opal looks like :Oval Australian Black Crystal Opal Stone 1.6ct 12.5 X 9.5mm - Etsy Canadaover here is a pink termiline Pink Tourmaline Rough Pink Tourmaline Raw Uk Pink - Etsy Canada Thank you for reading my blog posts



Podcast Reflection

Hi Everyone!

How are you? Did you tune into the OJCS Medhaber (speak) Majestic Lemons? We should have four episodes. Our podcast was cool, but sometimes we disagreed on stuff like someone got silly and when that happened the other person got silly too. Here is what I thought about it. It was fun, and we got to joke around, but well we did that we had to talk about the book too. We also added some ads and one of them was Costco and my partner Samantha sang ” COSTCO GO TO COSTCO!”” A Thousand times while I said the add, it was hilarious, and I think it got more people to watch it. We Improved a lot because our first episode was only three minutes and the last one was ten minutes. Samantha was not there for the last episode because she was sick, but that is okay. We agreed on most things, but overall it was really fun!

Thank you for reading!


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog post about Mexico! Let us begin!

Our class is learning about different countries. We chose any Country we wanted, and of course, I chose Mexico. Mexico is a very pretty place, and I have been there about three times. Before COVID, my family and I went to a resort called The Grand Palladium just a few years ago. That was my favourite resort because there was a kid’s club (even though most resorts have them) but the kids club every day I would go there, they would give us candy and every night we performed a musical. Mexico is very amazing! The language they speak there is Spanish, and they speak extremely fast. Their food is mostly Tacos and Quesadillas. There are tons of beaches and they are very pretty. When you go to Mexico, make sure you visit the beaches, any of them. I like all the places in Mexico, but here are the most popular places in Mexico. First, there is Can Cun, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. I think I might have been to Mexico City, but I have been to The other two. Here are some words you might want to know in Spanish (You can teach your friends how to say them) Here is can I please have an apple? ¿Puedo por favor tener una manzana? And here is Hey! How are you? ¡Eh! ¿Cómo estás?


Thank you for listening to my project! Hope you learned more about Mexico!


Innovation Day

Hi all, It is Lyla how are you today? Today I will be talking about pulleys and gears.

First of all what is a pulley?

  • A pully is a machine that lifts heavy things up
  • The pully works under gears
  • Gears are small wheel that have sharp things at the end called teeth


Gears are very cool things and are used for things you do not even know of, like cars and can openers. Gears are very cool and meant to be evreywhere in your house, probably in your room too!


Pullys are simple machines used for very important causes like lifting heavy things only out of string or light things you want to try out.

Here is my hipothises, I think it went really well and I think I could of done a bit better.



Here are some pictures of my booklet

There are very difficult types of pullys, would you like to see one?



Here is a animated version, just a bit easier to understand.

My Other add on blogpost

Hi all, today I am going to talk about our Innavation day project. We were told to make a Mideval castle with a working drawbridge. A drawbrige is a big type of door that opens by going up and down insted of reguler doors that you are used to. So we are told to type down how we made are castle.


  1.  Get a cardboard box, with no top ( if there is a top we cut it off)
  2. Make a hole for the door
  3. Cut out squres on the top for decoration
  4. Make the pully system
  5. Add gears, cardboard and a toothpick
  6. Atach the drwbridge with hot glue
  7. Make a pully system for our teacher mrs M because she wanted us to have a scavenger hunt for our perants, so we got her Bitmoji and hot glued the paper evreywhere around the castle.
  8. We then built a watchtower for the Jailers to watch the sky, and we put some add – ons like, a fire pit and some tooth picks for jail bars
  9. Now inside the castle we made a clock and a table for the dining room
  10. Now we made our Bitmojis around the castle, My partner Eloise was on the throne, witch was made of cardboard and we colerord it red, Sam was in the bathroom on the toilet( the door actually opened!) And my Bitmoji was me eating a apple at the table.
  11. Now its time to paint!
  12. We are done!!!!!!!

I hope you got a reason to make a Medievl castle with a moving drawbrige!

If you get really creative add some thing we did not even add! When you are done post you finish prodect on my comments and I will be sure to answer back!

Also you should add somthing to make it more ” you” and put stickers or cut out a name for your castle, or make people!

Here is a video of our final prodect

Final Prodect

And here is my self reflection

Thank you!

Wait, here is my hiphothisis, I think on the way we could of worked better but did not, and our castle at the end we had to paint it and we did, but my partner painted inside. I think it looks okay but could off been way better

Thank you for listening, I hope you learned somthing new! Bye 😃!

See you later

My Stop Motion Project

Hello world its Lyla here. I am going to talk about my stop motion film. First of all, what is stop motion

  1.  Stop motion is a film from pictures
  2. You need to make a backround
  3. The charecters need to move from each picture

Stop motion is playing a scene of somthing from a tv show and/or movie. You are going to add noise and backround sounds to make it as simaler as the scene happining. The backround has to be bigger then the charecters, or else you will be able to see a wall, not the set

The set charecters and backround take the most work, because you have to make them out of the hardest material, lego, clay, and paint! Then you got to create the set out of paper and leaves and branches and etc… Then you get a ipad and start taking pictures and keep doing that until you think it is done.

Then you add the frames because you do not want it to be too fast but not too slow.

I am going to show you a video on how to do Lego stop Motion here

Stop motion takes a lot of hard work because there are many difficult types( that unfortantly are the only ways to do it) Lego is probably the hardest or clay, because when you use it, it will 100% break, but when you get used to it it will get easier and easier.

My stop motion film is from a book called the wild robot. The wild robot is about a big storm and then a robot hatches and all the other robots got ripped apart in the water. By the way they were all on a ship being sent to a factory. But all the humans died in the storm and the robots all fell into the sand in the forest. There was only one robot that survied the storm and her name was Roz. Roz could not find a home so she went into the forest through lots of scabs and cuts. Then she found tones of animals who thought she was a bad monster but then after a while they relised she was good becuase ( ARE SCENE) She saw a crack in a tree and climbed up to see what it was and saw a egg that was starting to break, and all of a sudden a little beak popped out and there was a little bird called brightbill.
Look down for my scene

Thank you for reading!

Indigenous Project

Hi everyone,  I am writing about a Indigenous project I made with my friends. What we did was, we got a poster, and we wrote about the Community we chose. Our teacher Ms. M,  she said we are doing a project about the people who used to live in Canada. She laid a bunch of books on the carpet and they all said a bunch of Indigenous Community. We chose CREE! The cree people lived around Saskatoon, Hudson bay and Edmonton. We shows Cree because they seemed very cool and fun to learn about. And it was! 

There flag Petition · Aboriginal flag emoji appeal · Change.orgWas black and red and yellow

Sound unit

Ways of Sound: Hi world, Lyla here. I am going to talk about some of the stuff I learned in Science.  I learned about Sound!  In my blog post I will share information about:

  • What is Sound
  • What are vibrations
  • The tuning fork experiment
  • Kazoo
  • How does a ear work

Sound Rooms: If you were in a sound room, and if you scream, Nobody would hear you. That is because the sound did not bounce of the walls. The echo does not bounce

Questions: Here are some of the questions that my teacher asked me and I answer, Why can you hear someone who is in another room? My answer: Sound can be Reflected, that means it can bounce off the surface you are near. Question two: Why do we hear echos? My answer: The noise bounces off the wall, goes into the air into your ears. Question three: In a recording studio the walls are covers in bumpy foam. Why would they do this? My answer: When someone is recording you do not want the sound to reflect into the room. Question four: Name multiple objects we have to allow us to increase the volume of a sound. My answer: Speaker, Microphone, Headphones. Question five: Explain why we can hear sounds better in air then we can underwater. My answer: You can here the voice only a bit, that means it absorbed, It can bounce off some things.

What is sound: Sound can be absorbed, modified, and reflected. If sound is absorbed that means you are underwater. You can here a voice a tiny bit, but not a lot. Then there is reflected that is also a word for bouncing off things. Modified means sort of pitch and loudness.

Experiments I have done two experiments so far, The tuning fork one and the Kazoo one. What we did for the tuning fork is: I used, Tuning fork, Yogurt Container, Plastic rap, Scissors, Rubber band, Salt, Water. What I had to do is, 

  • Cut a piece of plastic wrap and stretch it over the top of the yogurt container
  • Hold the plastic wrap in place with rubber band. Be sure the plastic wrap is tight, but do not rip it.
  • Sprinkle some salt on top of the plastic wrap
  • Hit the tuning fork on the edge off your shoe once, then hold it close to the Salt (do not let it touch anything )
  • The piece that’s four and five but this time tap your shoe multiple times
  • Repeat 4 and 5, but this time gently touch and plastic wrap with the tuning fork

Experiment number two:

  • For the Kazoo( If you do not know what a Kazoo is here I can tell you) What I did was I grabbed a toilet paper roll, 
  • Then some different mitral of  Plastic wrap, Tissue paper, and Tin Foil
  • I grabbed an elastic
  • I took the roll, the Tissue paper and wrapped the elastic around it
  • I blew through the empty side and it made a noise!







Over here I am talking about the tuning fork

Videos Click here for the video about sound


Click here for me and I am writing the questions from above

My private recount

I went to a sleepover camp for the first time this year in Mont Tremblant. It is a long drive (almost like three hours). Mom drove me because I don’t feel great when I am in the car with people I don’t know. First, when I got there, there was loud music and I saw a big dodgeball court! There were a lot of people playing with chalk. About 10 minutes later, a big bus came and everyone was cheering. I did not know why but then I realized that a lot of campers were coming by bus. Everyone was excited because they wanted to make new friends. The session I attended was the second session and it lasted two weeks.

When the other campers got off the bus they asked people to sit in groups. I was in the group with my cabin mates. I was in cabin six. My cabin had about ten people, there were a lot of people that were nine years old in my cabin. Also one eight year old. My cabin was really huge

I started to make friends after a few days. Everyone in my cabin were my friends. My best friends were named Rebbeca and Blake. Rebbeca and I will not be in the same cabin next summer because she is in grade three, and I am in grade four.

At camp there is the chadar where you eat food. The food is very good at camp. My favorite was the Chinese night. I really liked it because it felt like you were at a fancy restaurant!  I loved everything about camp except the showers. There were spiders everywhere! There were evening services, and one time it was a challenging one where I had to go into the BOYS shower room and get wet in my clothes. Do not ask what I saw in there!


My Mom went to this camp and she loved it. When she told me about it, it seemed like a blast, and it was! I can’t wait to go back next summer!

Thank you for listening to my Recount

By Lyla

My First Science Blog Post

Hello! My name is Lyla and today I will make a blog post about Science. I have been learning about reflecting light. I think it is really cool.

One time I made a glass window, made with colored paper, Tishue paper, and a clear plastic bag. The colored paper was Opaque. That means you can not see through it. The Tishue paper was Translucent. That means you can sort of see through it. Next the plastic bag. That was Transperent. That means you can see all the way through it.

I also made somthing with, Clay, Paper, Flashlight. What you had to do was, stick the paper on the clay make holes in all the papers exept one. On the last peice of paper make a bulls eye. Then we use the flashlight and try to make it go through the papers with the hole. Then if it goes through all of the holes try to make it go through the bulls eye.

Natural light is like lightning. That is because you do not make it happen, It just happens by itselfLightning Bolt Strikes | Real lightning bolt strikes - with … | Flickr

Artifical light is like a flashlight. You are the one turning it on8 Types of Light Switches and Dimmers (and Which One You Need)

Light moves in rays. That means it reflects. It is like a echoe.  There is luminus, and non- luminus. Luminus is somthing that makes light. Non – lumminus means that it does not make light, but real light shines on it, like a mirror1,840,040 Mirror Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock



I feel like I am okay at science but is really fun

I would like to improve on the projects

It is all going well

In the future I would like to learn about gravity

Thank you for listening

By Lyla