Podcast Reflection

Hi Everyone!

How are you? Did you tune into the OJCS Medhaber (speak) Majestic Lemons? We should have four episodes. Our podcast was cool, but sometimes we disagreed on stuff like someone got silly and when that happened the other person got silly too. Here is what I thought about it. It was fun, and we got to joke around, but well we did that we had to talk about the book too. We also added some ads and one of them was Costco and my partner Samantha sang ” COSTCO GO TO COSTCO!”” A Thousand times while I said the add, it was hilarious, and I think it got more people to watch it. We Improved a lot because our first episode was only three minutes and the last one was ten minutes. Samantha was not there for the last episode because she was sick, but that is okay. We agreed on most things, but overall it was really fun!

Thank you for reading!

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