Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog post about Mexico! Let us begin!

Our class is learning about different countries. We chose any Country we wanted, and of course, I chose Mexico. Mexico is a very pretty place, and I have been there about three times. Before COVID, my family and I went to a resort called The Grand Palladium just a few years ago. That was my favourite resort because there was a kid’s club (even though most resorts have them) but the kids club every day I would go there, they would give us candy and every night we performed a musical. Mexico is very amazing! The language they speak there is Spanish, and they speak extremely fast. Their food is mostly Tacos and Quesadillas. There are tons of beaches and they are very pretty. When you go to Mexico, make sure you visit the beaches, any of them. I like all the places in Mexico, but here are the most popular places in Mexico. First, there is Can Cun, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. I think I might have been to Mexico City, but I have been to The other two. Here are some words you might want to know in Spanish (You can teach your friends how to say them) Here is can I please have an apple? ¿Puedo por favor tener una manzana? And here is Hey! How are you? ¡Eh! ¿Cómo estás?


Thank you for listening to my project! Hope you learned more about Mexico!


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